I was so thankful for an awesome year 2015. All in that year is awesome. 

The Lord has proven His love to me and my family everyday. 

Since I’ve heard and learned and soaked into God’s super abounding GRACE, my life has been… happy, satisfied, content and I think the best word is awesome.  Knowing how much God loves me makes me feel so accepted and makes me wanna follow Him more. 

It’s true that when you know that a person loves you, you’ll feel secured. So how much more His never-ending love that He gave His Son in exchange of our judgement. 

All we need and all we look for is LOVE, for love is the source of loving other people. You can’t love fully if you don’t feel loved in the first place.

You can’t  accept unless you’ve been accepted.

You cant forgive if you’ve never felt being forgiven.

All this thing can be found in His Amazing Grace…