Since I got my own car…. 

I have roam around norther Luzon. What an awesome experience to see new places for the first time. 

I remembered that when I was a young boy, everytime my parents bring me along with them on their trips to my tiyo and tiya in Manila or Subic or Laguna or just nearby places, I am facinated to see where those roads are going….. I talking about those turns that we didn’t go. 

Where are they going? Where are they leading to? 

Never did I know that most of them have come to reality. All comes to believing and dreaming and it will come to you!!!

Anyway as we go along in this series, I shall be be telling you about my driving experience which was hmmmm, I considered to be all about guts. 


I got my car on March of 2014, then the following few days after I arrived from Sg, I ask my brother-in-law to drive us to Baguio City (my favourite place).  I have always dreamt of going to Baguio with my own car. The first time I’ve been there was November 2004 for a business trip that last about 2 weeks (it’s supposed to be longer but was cut short due to some misunderstand and its grrrr…). Nevertheless, I enjoyed it. The second time was a commute with family, it was so much fun!!! 

Reached Baguio at around 530am, because my brother changed his mind to just leave at around 1130pm since the kids cant sleep anymore….. Everyone is excited!!! 

Checked-in and sleep.

And then here comes my car… I have no experience at all in driving except one time in KL. I felt scared that time because, I don’t know how, its right-hand, there’s so much cars and most of all… No license.

2014 when I took my driving license, well I used to have one 7 years ago because I’m riding motorcycle for work and for fun. Got my Non-Pro license and it was so much fullfiling because I felt that this is the start of my driving experience…. 

But when I thought it was… It was not… My cousin never show up on the day he’s supposed to teach me ho to drive….

Watch out for part2…