Sometime we experience the flight of a life time. 

Singapore to Manila flight is about 3.5 hrs journey, and if your plane is hmmm maybe A330 then its shorter a bit. 

Weather is also a factor adding or lessening the flight time. The last flight I had was from Manila to Singapore, and as usual, sit settle and sleep is my routine. I don’t know why but the moment I sit in an airplane, I always feel so tired and sleepy. 

But this one is terrible, I’m sleeping but my mind is awake. I can really feel the turbulence for the longest time. But I keep my eyes closed, hold on to the arm rest and try not to move. 

I confirmed that the turbulent flight was literally long. The pilot announced that it took an hour long of on and off plane movement. 

The worst thing is, I thought I’m in the best seat because I was in the center exit door part. It can’t be reclined so my neck was really painful because of the resistance I had to make during turbulence. 


Landing and at the terminal, all I want to to go home because I felt so dizzy. You know that right? When you wanna throw up… 

I took a nap for my evening duty. 

The night has ended and I looked forward for a better and continuous rest the following morning. The 

In the middle of the sleep, I was awaken by hmmmm… I feel that suddenly, I missed my family, and in my mind and heart, I was looking for them. What a sad moment. 

Life has to go on… Looking forward to see them again… Fly….