Well here’s the other part of it… 

I had to do something for myself about driving. My cousin’s absence wont stop me from learning to drive. 

I closed my eyes… And remember how to drive a bumper car.  Yes thats true, I use to like to ride on it in EK in Sta. Rosa City. That’s actually my fave ride among them all. 

And since my car is an automatic one, I can do this. 

That time, the gas is already running out, as far as the gauge is saying. I don’t know but there is a word from my heart .. “No one will teach you but yourself…” .

Took my lisence, my key, and my shoes. Drive the car to the gas station. Awesome!!! 

The following day, with all my heart and guts, I decided to go to my mom’s home. About 45km away from my house. I decided not to take the expressway because you know why!!! But because of the traffic jam of 1 hr, I have to claim the lost hour by taking the expressway. Awesome!!!

Went to my brother house in Bacoor city the following day. Experienced the zero visibility driving going home due to heavy rain, do you know where was it?… Ahhh… Expressway. Awesome!!!

One thing I’ve learned… In driving, use your thinking, use your mind. Because from your mind you’ll know what you should do. 

And most of all, is trust God for wisdome and safety of passenger and yourself.

December 2014 when my driving was test to the limit. Months before that, I have been planning my trip to the north. 

Destination: Tip of mainland Luzon – Pagudpod via NE, NV and Cagayan.