Youtube helped me a lot… Literally a lot. Like tons of help. I want to thank Dimitri’s channel for turn by turn videos of his trip to these places.

When I’ve learned how to drive, all in my mind is to hold the wheels and accelerate. 

T’was December of 2014, I have sleepless nights. Probably because of excitement because I have been planning the trip of my life for the longest time. 

I reach home at around 11pm from the airport, repacked my things for the trip. Prepared “adobo” and rice as well in case we got hungry inbetween. 

Everything was awesome but then, more than two hours of traffic jam delayed me to my destination; Tuguegarao City.  Its the center of trade in Cagayan Province. 

My first stop; Ramon, Isabela was also delayed. Actually this traffic jam really scares me because its in the mountain. The road actually traversing from Nueva Ecija to Nueva Viscaya to Isabela provinces via the Cordilliera, Sierra Madre and the Caraballo Mountains. The weather was cold and people seems nice and friendly. 


Ramon, Isabela Municipal Hall
I thank God that in between 2 side by side trailer trucks, I was able to pass through together with other vehicles. The roads are winding and over taking is so dangerous. I thinks its was given already than small or big vehicles going downhill gives way to upcoming vehicles overtaking slow moving trucks. 

Still awesome. 

I actually considered them as turtle moving vehicles because even they are huge, they move slow because of the goods on their trailers. 

This is the fastest way to get to Cagayan valley from the south. Dalton Pass it’s called here. 

On the opposite bound after I get through the jam, there are more cars stranded. I thought that maybe the the groom has been waiting for the bride for a long time. An ambulance was there also stuck in traffic. So sad thing. 

And because its a long long way… I never gas up from after that early evening. The feeling of fear due to engine stop. Its like 500km already and the gauge was near end. 

It was my dream to get to see the place I was born. I know my visit there was blessed because the rain falls. Only in this place the rain has fallen. So wonderful feeling, the rain just stops after I reach the next town in Isabela.

Then I reach Tuguegarao City at around 8-9pm. 

Awesome driving experience on part4…