Awesome beacause destination: reached.

It was not actually a part of my plan. Originally its to drive all the way to Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte. But due to traffic jam that I encountered along the way. Everything has changed and luckily, there was no hotel booking done. Though I’ve plan to book ahead of time, I didn’t realize that that would be a hard time to get to my destination.

The 3 hours of stuck in traffic really changed everything. But i know, things happens for a reason. One is, I was able to attend church in Tuguegarao’s Saints’ John and Paul Cathedral. Woke up 4am for and early morning “Simbang Gabi” which I never had for the longest time. As a matter of fact, I consider this as my first. Two is being able to rest in a not so cozy but comfortable hotel after a long drive.


Saint’s John and Paul Cathedral
Never had a chance to eat their famous delicacy meal: I forgot what they called it. (Known later after we reached home). But it’s ok, we’ll ll try next time. 

Morning came, had breakfast and inquired of how many hours to get to Pagudpud, a total of 5hours to go. But at least this time, the road is much better because its paved. Less cars or trucks and the scenery is wonderful. Winding road makes me wonder if this road has an end. 

Felt boring for a while until something had happened. And unforgettable thing happened….

Pls watch out for the next part…