The debate should have been boring without Miriam and Rodrigo. 

Both say great things, more realistic things among them all. 

“Promises are kept in the sky” as Miriam said which is true, how many of them had completely deliver what he or she promised? 

Real deal is, crime is rampant all over the country. What can be done? Who does implement rules and law? Police and the military, but they themselves if not all are compromised to crimes. 

I believe that it Duterte’s 3 to 6 months of cleansing criminality and corruption is feasible because of the great power of the presidents’ office to totally implement law. What for is the use of executive department if you can’t execute? 

Miriam’s briliance will be awesome for the country. I feel that her agenda is so practical, that is, follow the constitution. I also think thats she is a strong woman and won’t be passing in 20 years as Duterte had said. 

Grace is literally like a high school student who memorized her lessons. 

Binay is really on the dark side, how can he be a president if he can’t depend himself from anomalies raised against him. He might have forgotten that he is a politician and he awe you and me an explanation. 

Roxas is like a desperate one. I just keep thinking, what’s his next step to win at least the survey? How can he know such drugs presence on those places (makati and davao)? Like Binay’s he must have forgotten that he was once upon a time Local Government secretary. Police is under him. 

Vote with wisdom. As Alma Moreno said… “Dasal lang talaga” which I think is true. Ask guidance from God.