People often say, “freedom of speech is what I want”.

But when someone speak his mind, they will degrade the person as if there is hierarchy in this world. 

I believed that he was just ask in an interview of his views about same sex marriage. He said he doesn’t agree on it and he just make a concrete statement that he got from the bible. Sometimes we compare things, we give figurative speeches or simply compare. And he make some closest comparison, animal, which technically human are also known to be one but with a supreme rule over them. 

Anyway, my point is… Someone must show respect, we might have been hit by an opinion of others but is it reasonable to hit back? Where is justice in freedome of speech? Does it mean you can say anything to what other’s say? Then that’s non stop. 

Opinion is best kept I know, but it should depend on the circumstances. 

Pacquio is a public figure. We can’t say because he is, he shouldn’t have said what he said. Though he say sorry, can we forgive and move on? His opinion is crucial on our choosing so its like knowing his points and views but not to degrade the man.