Integrity and track record is the best measure of choosing of candidate to vote. 

I vote for the best person I think is good,l and I don’t  ride on band wagons commonly seen here during election day. 

I like Miriam as much as any other candidate however, when I learned that Duterte is running, I go for him. I have faith in his heart and his sincerity of the matter regarding the governance of the Philippines. 

He probably has a harsh words towards some topics. But I see on him the sentiments of the common, middle and elite classes of the society. Who has never say a word? Isn’t nice that someone is saying that piece that usually we can’t say maybe because we are pretending that we don’t speak such words. But he, publicly say it for us. 

Bitch’ng in public:

Yes he is a public figure, yes he is a politician. But as parents of our kids. We are there to guide them, still we are responsible for what children sees or hear. To explain to them of good and bad to say. 

Mayors’ womanizing:

I myself don’t condone on such act, but who’s politician doesn’t? Here comes the bible verse saying, the truth hurts but the truth will set you free. Free from doing it because you know the truth and the false. 

For me, doing is best than talking. I feel that Duterte is capable of delivering things that he says. Actually he don’t emphasises on how he will do it but I can see in his heart and mind how he will succeed. I feel that he is the complainer that knows what to do if he was in the position. 

Davao City.

Oh man! This city is unbelievable, where in the Philippines can you find such development? Such clean and such orderly? I thought it was Makati, but Davao in Mindanao. As the stereotype goes, what’s good in Mindanao? Then there’s Davao! An example of the true rugs to riches.