As I was driving along the winding road, not a busy road and I think that I’m the only one driving on that road. Location: somehere in Gattaran, Cagayan. Breezy place, green and peaceful, I felt sleepy. And I crossed the pave and the gutter of the highway. 

That was scary!!! 

The worst thing is, it happens twice in a matter of minutes. I was so thankful because the gutter wasn’t deep, and most of all, the Lord is taking care of me.

I don’t  know but this thing happens on my way to Tuguegarao. I was sleepy but I was able to beat it. 

A relief when I reach the boundary of Ilocos Norte, i felt AWEOME. I think that it was an accomplishment, a great one. Wonderful as the scenery is, it was more wonderful that safety is achieved.

Still long way to go…. Pagudpud is next on part6….