The expression for now!!! When something went wrong just say Uh-oh…. Actually even when something went awesome, it’s also applicable because it means you are preparing to be amazed of something awesome. You’re preparing yourself for others to see how will you look like or better yet, how funny you will look like.. 

But anyways, most of all is that whatever the situation maybe, keep calm and remember that there’s more important things in life to think about, care about and live in about. 

Let’s all remember also that there’s our father who loves us so much that he keeps blessing us whatever we have done. Now and forevermore, I always consider Him as my father. He gave His own Son to redeem us from our fate, fate to die and not live with Him in Heaven. Now as I have accepted Him and believed in Him, there is more peace. And “Uh-oh” its super wonderful. Im excited!!!