It’s been a while since the last election in the Philippines, my country. Now many are looking forward to this upcoming election, and so far as I can observed, many are so active campaigning for their respective bets. 

The only thing that I could say is that, may all the best happens in my country: Philippines. May the Filipinos vote according to what is right and not what is favoring themselves but the country as a whole. Not because of surveys and popularity, not the band wagon but with wise, futuristic and idealistic mindset. 

The Philippines is in bad shape, the government keeps on saying its getting better but I don’t think so. Jobs has been so difficult to find because there’s still less supply of work for those people. The government has a little or no will to invest in people and community. More of for themselves and their families. 

May the Lord bless us with wisdome this comin May election…. I can’t say too much but Peace!!!