Hi readers, I was so excited of reaching Pagudpud. I think that it is the best place to be for ocean lovers. The waters and the waves are so alive as well as the wind. 

You can feel that the place is near as the sound is approaching. The coconut trees are around and the sand lingers on the roads. And then the Patapat Viaduct appears, but before we proceed pictures everywhere first. Few cars are parked for the same reason, take a good glimpse of the ocean waves hitting the short of the viaduct. It was awesome.

Thinking that the place is near is wrong for me because i’ve missed the turn to Hanna’s beach area. Because if this, I have to turn back and drive about 10km, thanks to a very helpful people of Pagudpud.

The water was cold, the coldest body of water I have dipped into. Pictures, pictures and a lot of it.

Since the water is cold and I don’t have the guts to swim over, and the wind is so strong, just decided to eat and relax a bit on the beach.

Few hours pass, left pagudpud for Laoag.

See you there on part 7… I have some terrible experience there.