Laoag at night was so bright, since its almost Christmas lights were turned on. A pleasant trip from Pagudpud to Laoag City. Took some pictures of the famous Laoag Marker.

 Upon searching for a hotel, I realized that Marcos Museum was not actually in this place but in Bagac so I decided to just proceed to drive to Bagac, the hometown of the late FEMarcos. And here comes the terrible and may I add in, horrific experienced I had here.

Driving along the highway, I made a right turn to enter the town about 11 to 12 in the evening. Searching for a hotel, I ask a security guard of the nearest place where I could rest like hotel of motel. Without talking back to my inquiry, the guy called his pal from the opposite side of the road and point me to drive to a narrow street but it acutally gave me a goosebumps and drive away from them as fast as I can. 

I hesitated to ask just anyone along the street beacause I’m kind of scared, but asked this guy because he wears a security guard uniform I think guarding that building. Now I realized that trust can’t just be given away from someone whom you think deserves it. 

It was so scary and I thank God that he spare me. 

Then I was curious, I ask some young guys in front of a burger kiosk if there was really a hotel on that narrow street and the answer was: NO

I was so thankful. And because of this I just decided to go ahead and leave the town. Drove to Vigan City where some funny thing happened. 

See you in the second to the last part. Part8…