I think that even Duterte will loose this coming elelection, Davao City will still enjoy the security and progress. They will still have the leader who can protect their citizen from criminality, oppression and drugs. 

I’ve been in Davao City just last two weeks ago, and I witnessed myself how safe the city is. I thought Makati is safe and people are law abiding, Sta Rosa is progressive, Cebu and Bacolod are cool cities. But Davao is extra ordinary, which city in the Philippines can you put out your phone without fear publicly that someone will snatch it, even at night? Even Naia CCTV’s can’t be compared to what they used all over Davao, UHD camera which can zoom to view cars plate numbers, traffic lights are working 24/7, canals and streets are cleaned and well maintained. 911 is free for all, no record of corruption, projects are accounted for thoroughly, speed limit for road safety, healthy campaign- no smoking and limited selling of alcoholic drinks. 

We need change, we need Duterte, we need to win from these TRAPO’s (traditional politicians) who make promises over and over again and ending up nothing. We are still hanging on a cliff waiting to be dropped off and fall. They have been in the position for the longest time but we never see anything new but issues of corruptions and greed.  I know he is not perfect at least he say so, he show so, he maybe look off what the usual politicians but he has a world class service which is what people is looking for. 

We have to think of our future, this time is the time we have for a real progress and security. We deserve to be in a better place and not settle for less. We need to experience the taxes we are paying, we need to see services for the good of all Filipinos. 
I appeal to all my friends and family, let’s vote for Duterte as President. There’s still hope for the Philippines, there’s still hope for you and your childrens. 
God bless the Philippines!!!