It’s true that history repeats itself… If you could recall my story about overpassing the turn to Hannas Beach in Pagudpud, it happens again here in Vigan. 

Vigan is like a haven of the past, a city which is cultivated from the spanish time. Houses structures are preserved here. Roads are also reminiscing the time when cars are still an idea. Calesa are here for hire. For 150 pesos per hour. You can enjoy the city tour, compared to city tours of big and industrialised places, serenity is endless. 

It’s probably because I’m so tired and excited to have reach Vigan City, I missed the turn to the city and went away from it. The bridge looks familiar to me since I have been here before. Eventually drive back to that turn. 

Its not 10 km compared to my missed in Pagudpud. About 30mins to reach a hotel, parked and then shower and sleep. In the morning, eat a nice breakfast and walk around. I have finally got my photo on the Ilocos Sur marker which I always see in FB and IG. 

Since I arrived passed midnight, there’s no more fountain in the plaza. I bought some pasalubong like kornik and the famously delicious bagnet

For me Vigan is a place to go, and I have probably gone back here prior writing this blog, but that’s a different sad/fun story (you might want to request of it then I’ll share it to you). I never went to some famous landmarks herr though, but soon I will be. Like the Bell Tower and museums. 

I was so excited because up next is: Baguio City. I prepare my things to check out. I want to reach Bauang town before 4-5pm so it would still be bright when I climbed up Baguio. 

Sad to say but after this will be the last part. 

Please watch out.