I would like to share to you how I pack my things when I travel, what kind of packer I am, what kinf of traveller I am, what are my packing essentials, which bag, whick outfit I wear and all that stuff. 

I’ve been watching some videos on YouTube of how they pack their things, as much as I want to follow how they do it, I still can’t resist to do how I do myself. Although somehow I incorporate their ideas and mine. Like for over time, I have accumulated some clothes and other things here with me and so I decided to bring home all those unused items. Packed them by rolling clothes and arranging on my bag. And blah blah…. 

It helped but I’m not comfortable of doing, i wanted to do things based on what I see and prepare to pack or to bring on my travels. Some of the items I bring along on my recent trip to Manila:

  • Singlet because its light to wear and to carry,
  • Boardshorts and undies, pants which are made of light stretchable materials or anything not jeans. 
  • Body essentials, moisturizer, sunscreens, lip balm, deodorants, and alike in all refillable or small containers together in a pouch,
  • As much as i want to bring my laptop but its too heavy so I just bring along my SD cards for my waterproof/ shockproof camera, powerbank, cables, and fully charged phones, 
  • Pair of shoes, but my problem is that my shoes are bulky, so I wear the bulkiest one and pack the less bulky one. 
  • I like jacket but since its heavy to put in the bag or even carry on shoulders, I have bought my new found airport, plane and bus or train buddy, my blanket aka scarf. It keeps me warm for it can cover all over me. 

And here’s what I usually wears:

  • A shirt of any color, probably cotton and light.
  • Cargo pants or shorts, you probably know the reason. Well, my reason is to keep excess items if there will be. 
  • Then my bulkiest shoes.

Then the packing: depends on the size and shape of my carry-on, I fold my clothes based on how put them on my closet. I don’t roll them or whatever. Then everything on top of the other. As simple as that!!! Nothing fancy nothing procedural or theoretical. But usually, most of the time, we pack more than what we need. I myself do the same, I like to bring more shirts or undies and shorts than I usually needs. And then I end up, excess weight.

I’m a type of traveller who really take time to prepare everything specially the itenerary. The manual or guide for a successful trip is to have a list of places to go or things to do. I don’t like to waste time everytime in my trip by not having a list. I also lookup to google map of the sequence of destinations so if ever im driving, I would save gas. And even I’m commuting, its the same thing, saving time by researching. I won’t go to places which I know I won’t enjoy even how popular the landmark is. 

Check your destination, it’s  safety and security is essential for enjoyment. I look for the weather pattern, news and blogs. It’s better if you have friends or relatives to inquire about of the place first hand. 

Hotel is also no issue to me as long as its safe and clean without any pest or insects. Because for me, I went to a place to explore and not to have a long sleep, comfort is important but I know I dont have to spend so much. I would rather eat well and make my tummy happy. 

Having said all this, I’m just a simple traveller, I tend to be encouraged or discourage to do weired or scary things to have fun. I’ll let you know on my Samal Island trip, it’s like im having fun while having a second thought of really doing such enjoyment. 

Just keep safe, its the top priority!!! Be strong and eat well, don’t get sick and don’t drink too much.