Baguio for me is the city of all cities, I like the moderate temprature, the cold wind and the pine trees. The winding and the up and downhill of the roads. 

There’s a surreal feeling whenever I’m in This place, I will try to explain. Last 2004 was the first time ever I went up to Baguio City. It was actually a work related trip. I was sent to support our company’s business there, it took me two weeks to stay and I really enjoyed every moment of it, from sleeping to waking up to shower to working and during off days, the gala with or without my colleagues. I’m in loved with Baguio, it’s weather is just right for me. 

Here are aome of the photos I took in Baguio from my recent trip.


The Mansion gate
Penagbenga Garden
Camp John Hay
Mines View Park
From Vigan, I traversed the National Highway after lunch. It was hot and it was so bright, with a long road ahead, I have to be there on a day light because it would be my first time to climb up Baguio via Naguilian Road, it is the road accessible from the west of Luzon. Its not that winding and steep as Kennon Rd but its long and far. I finally reach Bauang town intersection to Baguio at around 5pm, having said that, I have to be in Baguio in an hour with sunlight, unfortunately I never make it, it was dark when I reach the city. 

I’m just a new driver I have to tell you, and that experience is likely to be a used of skills and calculative effort. There was a sort of fear but I have to overcome it because I’m on it, no turning back. It was a test for me!

Everytime I’m in Baguio, I feel happy😀. Walking around the city in the morning on at night and since its a Christmas season, I went to this place called Paskuhan Village. It’s like a wonderland where there are performances of dance and songs all about Christmas. I just don’t like the fake snow, they used shampoo foam and its bitter when it get to your mouth. But I totally enjoy the dances, shepherds actors are dancing modern music. It was awesome!!! 

I had the best night in Baguio that time. 

And though it was the last leg of my trip, I never stopped yet. I made a side trip to Pangasinan, a town called Manaog. Popularly known for the patron saint Our Lady Of Manaog, it was funny beacause I really thought that I was in Laguna, and I ask the vendor of the items which can be bought only in Laguna. Because of how the stalls are made and arranged, I got confused. But it was fun after all. 

I got to end this here, and I’m glad that I was able to finish this journey of sharing to you my travel experiences. Just typing actually is a bit boring but I found that it was cool indeed. Thanks for the likes and follows. I have more to come and I wish you enjoy it too.