We can have money but not happy, we can have a girlfriend or boyfriend but still no happiness. It looks like happiness is very difficult to find or it stays only for a while. I realized that we tend to be happy only in good times, absurd it may sound but true, we can always find happiness in any area or circumstances of our life.

The bible says that the sun will shine to everyone, to good people and to bad. Our happiness can’t be bound only by good things. Sadness maybe the opposite of being happy but unlike happiness, sadness can’t be found in good things.

We can be happy during times of trials because he knows that the Lord will work to solve your problem. There’s always hope in God, and hope in Him is always possible and always positive. “All things work together for good for those who love the Lord” . Let’s be reminded that life can be though or harsh but we can always depend to God who will deliver us from danger and so we can be happy of that.

There’s no trials that we can’t contain, as a human being we are given a will to think and adjust to our environtment.

Here are some simple tips to be happy:

  • Always stay in good mood.
  • Don’t easily get mad about anything.
  • Avoid watching dramatic shows, watch only light story tv or movies.
  • Avoid watching horror movies to sleep well at night.
  • Help the needy.
  • Save money for things you wants and for the future.
  • Be content for what you are or what you have now.
  • Live a day, don’t worry about tomorrow.
  • Listen to music specially the ones that you love.
  • Avoid pessimistic people and news.
  • Be positive.
  • And most of all, the one that encompasses all these tips, TRUST GOD ALWAYS.

These are all based on how I experiences in life living and striving and believing. I have great hopes and always think to be happy, difficult for some but we have to try and keep it in our mind and heart.