As I have shared on my previous blog, it took so many months to prepare for this Davao trip. Excitement grows as the days nears, and the planning is completed, but still changes are inevitable. 

Let me start….

Arrived in the city and I felt awe how the city airport was built. Unlike the one in Cebu, Mactan International Airport the arrival and departure area are so tight and dark, its like no system of coming and going out because there are so many vendors around (observation of 2013). Francisco Bangoy International Airport has a cozy breeze, though its not that really big, but good enough as it was clean. As they say, airport is where the first impression come about. 

I never had a chance to have a picture on the durian statue because the weather is so hot. Thinking of having it on a later time and date but I never had. 

My itenerary was actually fullfilled as I go along walking in the streets of Davao. I really can feel safe, the people are so warm and helpful. It’s not a rumor that this place is so secured from harm, though I still have to take care of myself because I’m new here. 🤘🏻

I was so surprised how my flight was not delayed because in the past, I was avoiding flying with CebuPac due its delayed records from my experience and by others experiences. The plane they used was a big one: A330. It was awesome!!! I get excited to be seated in 2 rows seat which is a bit behind the plane but I’m cool with it. 


The last time I had a flight with CebuPac was last Dec 2014 and yes, it was delayed. 

I have a nice lunch right after the arrival and it’s a lutong bahay meal in Panacan. I cant wait to see most of cities landmarks: People’s Park, church, street foods, try Durian which I never had a chance because of time and availability as well as suha or the pomelo. But anyway, there’s always a next time. I took a lot of pictures at the park, the first ever park I have seen thats well maintained and full of green. Actually I’m so inloved in Singapore because of so much green in the sorroundings. It felt so relaxing and alive when there are trees, grass and flowers in this time of progress. I think that’s what manila and other cities have forgotten. One more thing is bringing back to the environment. 

I already have notice the roads and canals are clean. There’s really something here, something for Davaoenos should be proud of how their City has gone. Cleanliness is next to godliness, as they say. 

Strolled around the City Hall and San Pedro Church. They are all nearby each other like the usual setup in my home town. And then I decided to go to the Headquarters of the 911 Central, and wow!!! It’s like im not in the Philippines at all.  


City Hall
People’s Park
the park Durian inspired roof hall

HQ of 911 Central

It is well known for its state of the arts equipments like that in US and Canada but unlike it’s counterpart, its free😁👊🏻. I really make it a point to have a photo opportunity here. How I wish we have this all over the country.

The hotel was not that great, but ok. I usually never really a fancy type of person unless I have extra resources. The most important is the place is safe and the toilet is clean and has a hot shower, all is fine with me. 

Dinner has been so wonderful, I have tried the Tuna Express which is really good. It’s funny because on the table where people had just seated, I noticed that there were really no left overs, then maybe the food must be very good. It’s like a grill restaurant along side Roxas Street. And yes! The food is superb😋😋😋, a must eat place indeed: no left overs. But prior to that, along the way I came a long this place called Lachi’s. 

 With the most popular sanrival cake can be found. I brought along the cake to the restaurant and eat it after a sumptuous dinner. Sadly, the cake couldn’t be keep out of the fridge because it will melt. 


grilled panga


grilled pusit
Davao City itself is a huge city, there is no heavy traffic but the imposed speed limit and the working traffic light causes it, except of course on busy junctions and commercial districts. Luckily I got a very good driver who can intersect on the small shortcuts to reach my destinations quicker. 
Everything is awesome here! Makes me wanna come back! 

Watch out for more of this trip. 

This ends my city tour!!! Peace!