First of all I just want say that in life, people come and people go. And they do harsh and good things to us, but it’s up to us if we’ll give trust to them once again.

Cayetano may have been called balimbing and tipaklong by others but I personally see his stands on things. Other than that, he hasn’t been linked into graft cases, he was questioned but I’m satisfied with his response on how he spend the money. 

I think that his family was well known of being politically inclined with his father having a great reputation. Please understand, for the record I know that none is perfect, but we have to look at it as how the performance go. Seeing how the city progress (Taguig) I have heard how easy to do business there, they are the result it booming business district in which Makati is trying to dispute the territory. If the city is progressing, the people will have employment. 

For me as long as there’s no record of stealing, oppression and greed, I would go for him. 

Being tandem with Duterte, though I dont see a chemistry between them to be honest, but I guess that there will be a balance between the two when they get elected. 

Why not others? 

Not BBM because, he is not his father’s. I don’t like the way he talk, its like he’s stuttering. Not Leni because obviously, he is just a puppet of her party though I would have chosen her if she run independently. Not Chiz because I find him so conceited and his talking is annoying. 

These are all just my opinion. Share you’re thought.