“Hitting two birds with one stone” a very common quotes by people who likes to accomplish multiple things. And yes, it happend on my trip to Davao. 

It was supposed an all Davao trip but all of a sudden, something has been added to my itenerary, and that’s Gensan City (General Santos City). I never thought of going here because I realized how far it would be to travel by land from Davao, it would take about 3-5hrs. Time and money consuming, however going here will be a pleasant experience. It’s like going around Mindanao. Pictures below are the ones I took on my stop over at the cliff of the hill:


I enjoy my roadtrip here, the weather is a bit hot as the noon in approaching. They say that its really hot in Gensan, so I have to prepare myself so I won’t complain. 😁The view is awesome as I take my breakfast on a restaurant in this cliff, overlooking a banana plantations and an ocean. I thought that it would be a lot of turns due to winding road but just a few only compare to Isabela. I never take a nap just to see the view and enjoy the scenery. I guess its really hot because there are  less green but brown on the valley. 

Before I go to Gensan, the driver brought me to Sarangani Capitol, it’s like the government center of the province. Just for the sake of photo, even the weather is not so pleasant I have to get down and take some as a remembrance: 

The place is vast, I’m really glad to have been here. It’s the office of Vice Governor Jinky Pacquio, the wife of Manny. Though I never met here there, I think she is not there that time. 😀😀😀

And then we went to the city proper to get to the fish port to see the very well known and get closed with Tuna fish. 

See you in continuation in the next time.