For me, Mar has been trying hard to connect to  the majority of the people. A leader actually leads, he give commands and he give decisions. Doing a humble acts won’t win him sympathy, it will just gain criticism. He is competent, he is academically brilliant, he might not have exposed himself in corruption issues. But he is just the same as a common politian. 

I would want him if he just acted as himself without any pretensions, decide better for MRT and project more better relief for the grieving Yolanda Typhoon victims and act fast on Laglag – bala and BOC balikbayan box issues. And recently, he was in the news about the Suriagao mining approval in favor of his share on the business, inspite of endangering the environment. 

He has all the time to do his job in a way people would loved him, that people would see him as their angel that was sent from above and most of all, their defense from oppression. 

It’s like, all his comments are againts the sentiments of the people. His response are againts what the people what really feels. He must have forgotten that his position is not permanent, and people would choose who to vote. Now I’m convinced that he doesn’t have a heart for the people and the environment the way other option has. 

And now, why he’s ranked below? We all know the answer. Who are the most liker of Mar? 

Well you decide as I have made my decision!