What could be the most reliable surveys than the actual election on May 9. 

Wonderful as it may seemed, surveys are really helpful in setting the minds of the voters on who to vote. Specially here in the Philippines, most of the people are eyeing on the winners and don’t want to waste their vote so they choose the leading ones. Other than those loyalist, they’d rather go with the flow of the surveys. 

But as for me, I’m just glad that my bet is peaking up in surveys. I think he deserves it more than anyone else. 

Surveys are paid services from private companies, and based on my information from an interview, these companies are paid in millions of pesos to conduct a specific survey. What could be further from the truth that they (results) could me manipulated, election surveys specially. Who could pay  millions if they wont be on top? 

But I guess, the current survey is realistic as it is rather than manipulated. I believed that the front runner will not pay this amount of millions to be on that rank for as most knew that he is a man of principle. 

Having said that, surveys shouldn’t be our standard but the intent and the heart of a candidate. As I have commented before, it takes a heart and wisdom to choose who to vote for.