Politicians, people who govern the nation and the role is for the good of the community and people, it’s welfare and its benefits, taking care of the environment and giving livelihood to the society. Making laws and regulations for the security and prosperity of the nation. Cultivationg the minds of the people through education and governing it’s finances though taxes and fees collected from its people and industries. 

However during the election period, these politicians gets worst well, most of them I would say. They backlashes other contender for the positions they are up to. They spend so much time in tearing opponents rather than their platform in government. Using their money to bribe for votes and hindering services to other people to earn their votes. Some bite the baits for few hundred pesos, then now I realized that these politicians intend to keep the suffering of the people so they can buy votes. They won’t bother to have these poor to elevate their lives beacuse if they do, who will be supporting them? who will be their collateral? The slogan X para sa mahirap really annoys me. It seems that the poor will always be poor because of them, they’ll always be the thing in the past present and future, their toys and they will continue to use the poor for popularity gain and main topic in every election.

Politicians are mostly the one with a lot money and will to do whatever they wanted. But from where do they get it? From the people, and to sustain the same routine during election they have to take advantage from their positions. 

Drugs and other crime are present because they are the ones who protects them. How do they do that? It’s all about money, they can compromise the nation for money. 

They enjoy this system because they earn and the benefit is enormous. No one can stop them until someone stand and stop this cruelty. 

Philippines deserves better than this, we are rich in nature and human reserves. We have more brains than anyone else. In the near future, I hope it changes and people will live satisfied and dignified enough.