Everyone of them are working very hard to reach the goal of becoming a president. Maybe for power, greed, coverup or plainly to serve the people better and equally. 

Philippines Politicians be like

As the election day is approaching, the light becomes darker and darker as if there’ll be a strong dusky of wind and cloud is coming. It gets heavier and heavier and it will consume us all. 

In this very moment, the issue againts the leading contender is getting worst and worst. They all come together as one strong force to pull down a person who is gaining a new strength and new power. The good thing is, these force seemed to have been powerful no more. Everything is very obvious, actions are rediculous and words are unfaithful. 

At first, it burdens me as a supporter of the new power. But seems that people like me are firmed and strong to stand up for a new government and new leader to bring us to peace and prosperity. No wavering and no fear of trust to the one who was destined to be president. And this person was all along reluctant to run because he is contented with his life. 

We are so blessed to be able to persuade him to run and be our voice and power. People are ready for change and to live a new phase in our country. 

There might be this absence of light because of this dark seekers, but there is one light that we hold on to. I trust God for enlightenment for everyone who wants to keep the faith and to see the change of our nation.

Absence of light is darkness but darkness has no meaning. Light is the source of life and life is the source of hope for us Filipinos. Hope that will strive and conquer our foes. In Jesus name.