Billions of pesos just for one candidate, a vice presidential candidate that is. Leni according to news has spent about 2.3 billion in ads on tv, prints and alike in campaign. A lot of money and expenses just to win the hearts of the Filipino people. 

To send the message of platform to every corner of the Philippines is that a lot? How did she come up with that huge amount of money? I just can’t understand how this wasn’t raised in the senate or congress plenary for talk. Spending too much is a rediculous and horrifying thing to do by a candidate. I think that the policies about this is so lenient to everyone of them. 

There must have been tolerance in spending, or at least investigation and transparency with all of them on or before the campaign period. 

This is billion of peso that could have been controlled for better election and choosing. 

I have read an article from the one I’m following on facebook that, Filipinos where restraint of being feudal society. Poor people are being thought to follow the ruler of the land of whatever it says to do, then these rulers will continue to steal to provide for the poor. And the routine goes on and on and on. 

That is why, there are leaders who loves the poor and don’t hate the poverty. The poor are their stronghold because they can provide them a penny which they stole in the first  place. 

I think that this government doesn’t have the guts to really help the community equally but to help only those who they can take advantage of.