This guy is just playing b**lS**t with all of us. Unless we didn’t know what black propaganda is, then we may be trapped with this guy’s fraudulent mouth. a link to BPI’s comment on the matter. 

Trillanes has been shouting out loud about Duterte’s allegedly ill-gotten wealth. He has said a lot of issues regarding money, properties that are according to him is not declared in SALN. 

Once and for all, mr. trillanes please file a case and I think that’s the most descent thing to do as a law maker. And speaking or law maker, are you a law maker yourself? You have been bending the laws of the lands few times. 

For the Filipino people out there, I wish that you know the truth, yearn for the truth and listen on sides. This comes the problem of innocence, people are not aware of the basic laws, bank secrecy law hasn’t been well known to common tao. I just remembered the time of CJ impeachment case, there are more than one meaning of this law which is so absurd. If they themselves have different interpretations on this law, how much more the people below?

We have to study the person talking, don’t believe so easily. Know the persons background and activities. We have to stand and be aware.