Money matters.

First of all, these networks depends on money to operate their day to day broadcast on TV, papers and online. They will continue to make negotiations to anything and anyone for them to earn. BUSINESS that is it, no further explanaition. 

Their life depends on how to earn at any cost, they are also bound by compromises from certain people and organisations. These organisations and people can have control over them by means of huge amount of money in exchange of favors that are good or bad. 

Good stories may become bad and the other way around. Money matters, compromise matters. How ever true, honest, brave and intelligent these employee has, the management can bend the story to favor their networks selected clients.

Actually it’s very obvious specially this season, I don’t wonder how this is happening. They favor certain candidate and hate the other, they will broadcast things that aren’t true and real for the benefit of the other. 

I don’t condemn them but what I don’t like is that they let it happen. There must be some changes made about this, there must be someone to correct this. Mainstream Networks company have sworn an oath to say what’s real, honest and true. 

Now it’s up to us to confirm those articles that they broadcast.