Here comes the conflict between Vice President of the Philippines. 

A very slim difference to declare a winner between Bongbong and Leni. Both have their own interest known or not known. One predict the result and the other one just kept quiet. 

BBM and Leni

I have never voted for either of the two so I don’t know how to comment. But one thing is for sure, one has a huge and strong support while one is just working on it because she’s new in national election. However, I understand that Filipinos are more concerned of the top position, they just never mind so much of the assistant or the vice position. 

I remember few years back, during the Asian Idol contest held in Indonesia where they have sent their own Idol winners to compete. The twist is that, people can vote for two contestant first being who they want to win and the second is just an option. It just go something like that. 

He show has gone and finals come along. 

And the winner is… Singapore!!!

A tiny island with over or less than 5 million in population compare to almost millions and millions from the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and India. 

Well, the option is the one who won! People thought of voting the who won’t win but eventually, votes garnered more than the supposed winner. He became the second choice of most of the voters. Even though that this option has no absolute assurance of winning. 

But anyway I can’t explain anymore further, it just came to my logic. 

All I wish now is that may the cheating and fraud wouldn’t have been involved on all position they are running for. Even some won and some tried to cheat, it shouldn’t have been though. I believed that cheating is a cheap action to win. In the first place, winning is according to what people wanted and not what a candidate wants. 

I hope that we’ll have a VP with a clear conscience to take the post and to serve the Filipinos wholeheartedly.