I was now planning to go to these places. A lot excited but I wish that there’s nothing to interfere. I’m just worried that it would rain, because it’s very difficult to drive when it’s raining. Other than that, it would be my very first time to drive in those places.

My itenerary is all about seeing Mayon Volcano and some parts of Sorsogon like Barcelona and Gubat, Rizal Beach and Pagurian Island. 

Two days I guess is not enough but I will squeeze the time to be here once and for all. It has been my fourth time to plan to go to this south part of Luzon. I want to take the Bitukang Manok (hair pin) road and eat at Gumaca’s famous eatery along the road. Cagsawa Ruins and Legazpi City itself. 

Im also fond of take selfie with their markers because it really shows the authenticity of my presence in a destination. 

Driving maybe tough but I know it will be so much fun. It’s actually my dream to go places in the Philippines. And now I can, I will. 

I will make update about this planning so I could give inspiration to people out there who has the same passion as I am. 

I hope to see you in one of my trips. 😜😜😜