Gensan is the capital of tuna harvesting, I can’t believe how it line for inspection and weighing and quality control.

Hi guys, this is the continuation of my March trip to Davao City and Gensan.

I have enjoyed seing the tuna fresh fish ready for selling in one of their fishing ports. 

with the Tuna Fish

And yes, it was indeed hot in Gensan, I know the reason I have this tan line in my batok is from here, walking along the 
docking area in an open space is like the sun cooking my alive. 

jumpshot in the Port

There are big and small boat, well the one behind me on the photo on top is like a ship already, they must have been catching a huge amount of fish in different kinds. To get in the fish port, 1. one must wear their provided jumpsuits and a 2. boots, 3. Walk in the water filled pool to wash the feet. 

your attire to the fish Port

Gensan is so far from my place and buying fish here is a hassle. But I had consumed so much tuna fish during our stay here in this part of Mindanao. I have seen the systematic approach on this port, quality is a big concern and I have seen how it must have been difficult to catch them. They must have to stay few days or weeks in the laot to get as much as they can catch. And on the dock, you would know if the boat is still full of fish inside their tank. The boat sinks until the max limit in the water. During my time there, at least I have seen the biggest fish: 

the biggest catch so far

They have to adjust the weighing scale to accomodate its length. It looks scary already because of its size, specially if its still alive. Walking around is tiring, so I have to grab some burger, a hamburger. I was asking for tuna burger but they don’t have. 
my mouth is full here, lol

Awesome time, worth a visit and I never regret even with the heat, I still enjoy all of the things I encountered here. 

And then I roam the city malls and Manny’s house. I wasn’t able to get in because I must get something like a permit from their convinient store or something like that. 

Manny’s Gate
waterfalls at Veranza
Then it was so refreshing here, cold and nice view, I was awe with the waterfalls, so artificially majestic. 

More to come…