After seing Gensan, it’s  fish port and it’s malls and Manny’s house, we head to this town called Polomolok in South Cotabato. It’s a vast valley, and its full of green, green leaf of pineapples. According to my driver, here where pineapples are processes by company called Dole. 

It was a dismayed that there’s no sprouts or even a flower showing on the pineapple tree. I think it’s not a season yet. But I was able to come close with the plantation along the roadside. 

The soil is so dry and it feels like a face powder because it was so fine and dry. My feet was so disgusting because its so dirty and I can’t find a water to clean it. 

Well at least I’m not wearing a shoe, it would be more sad to see my shoe ruin by the dust. But then it was ok, we had plenty of fruits behind. They are selling cheap avocado, turon even and some homemade candies, and most of all pineapple. I bought few pieces just for consumption. Anyway this fruit is my favorite before anything else. 

Still the dirty feet, and then we drop by to have lunch at this placed called: Tambilawan

But before this, we went to stop at one of the Bulaluhan shop along the road, but they run out of supply. Well the food here is quite cheap and satisfying, the service is also awesome! 

It was a wonderful feeling to have been here, I actually can’t believe that I’ve been to Mindanao already. It was just a dream before amd it came to reality. 

More stories to come. I hope you could also see these places.