As awesome Boracay beach is, so as Kaputian Beach. The sand is fine and soft and the water is clear. 

Samal is a haven for an isolated relaxation, it is located in Samal island south east of Davao City and to get here is to take the barge from various ports in Davao. We took of from Sasa Wharf to Babak Port of Island Garden City of Samal, its about 10 minutes ride with the vehicles. It was my first time to take up on a barge with cars on it. Its was like amazing! 

I salute the people of this place for maintaining the waters clean. Unlike in manila ports, you won’t see swimming fishes on the shore one is because it’s polluted and two, the people and government seemed to have no concern. To be in Davao is to be in other place out of the Philippines.  It’s like bringing out this place out of government control and leave all the mandate to Davaoeños. 

Basically, Samal Island is part of Davao Oriental, but Davao City has been a good influence to it’s neighbouring towns and cities. They’ve maintained the cleanliness of their streets and kept the green, green. It’s really a garden city in itself. 

I’ve enjoyed my time here in Samal well in fact, I’ve enjoyed three times. (And while writing this blog, there was a multiple road accidents causing heavy traffic in the expressway). Three times because there are three stops of fun: first Kaputian Beach. My driver decided to stop here first because it is the farthest of the three, about 30-40mins drive from the drop of port.

cover for protection

My first impression of a beach usually is that, it should have white sands, and it was. It should have coconut trees around, and it has, it should have  starfish, and it sure have about 3. The place is so prestine and I felt so relaxed because even it’s damn hot, the water is like ice-cold. Reminder: don’t forget to apply sunblock few hours prior dipping or you’ll just waste the cream as it will be washed away. I wore rushguard because it’s very hot and I don’t wanna get sun tan lines. 

awesome fine sand

Eating on the beach cottage is nice regardless of  what food you may have, as long as you have sodas and water to drink to quench the thirst. 

wavy waters
coconut trees

The most important thing to have in a beach resort is a clean shower rooms. Luckily, they have the best shower there. 

Few hours have passed and we had back to the next destination of fun… Maxima Aquafun!

Watch out!!