Maxima Aquafun is really fun, never have I swam in deep sea after the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand and other parts of asia. Paranoid yes, but this time is different, the drop off of the slide is deep and I have to swim to the shore afterwards.

photo courtesy of Google thru a good blogger

I honestly was terrified because other than that, I’m not a strong swimmer, mostly I swim only in the pool. But for the sake of the experience, I must slide down. The slide according to them was the one of the two in the world interms of drop off which is ocean one being… I have to search again. Having said that, it was actually fun for adventurous people not like me. I only had done it twice because…. It was never ending and once you reach the end of the slide, another never ending free fall to the ocean. That is so terrifying and enjoyable at the same time. I almost lost my “the voice” and my breath is running out because of the length of the slide. There are actually two slides in the resort but fortunately, I went to the shortest one. 
to the floating platform

Going down to the resort was an easy breezy ride in a motor powered cart in which I think can carry 12 people. A swift and slow ride down and up. There was an old way down which is so steep that you would change your mind to go up or down. It was a concrete turn by turn stair case. But even though for the sake of fun, I planned to walk up there to see their Canopy to try if I can but I think it was closed that time. And even if it’s open, I wouldn’t try it the reason is because…. It’s so hight up in the trees and its actually falling apart, no maintenance I think. The woods are tearing already. I tried to go up the stair to the platform but it’s like shaking and breaking. So I had only few photos there. 
kayaking out of the waters
the slide of a lifetime

After doing slide twice, I just spend time in the    floating platform. And here comes my braveness jumping to the water. Well, thanks to my acquainted friends who have encouraged me to jump. It was fun even there was a bit of trembling. Hahaha!!! It’s like over coming your fear and I think I did it. The thing that I don’t like actually is the dark waters of the deep sea. And to get out of the water, you have to pass the sharp dead corals and rocky shores. Usually it does makes me uncomfortable. 
google photo from a good blogger

And finally, the blob: it is like ahuge air pillow floating in the water securely fastened for daring jumpers. At first, it looks so easy to do but when I get there, and with the waiver, sorry I can’t. The thing is the first person will have to jump and position himself on the other end of the blob. And the second guy will jump (take note, you have to jump with your ass first otherwise you’ll have foot or leg injury) causing the first guy to propel like a canon ball to the water. It was fun and nice to see.

All in all, this place is a wonderful place for people who wants to relax and shout it out!!! 

Next stop is Hahimit Falls… See you there.