Hagimit Falls is like a few minutes away from Maxima, it is actually a low profile waterfalls maybe about 10 feet the highest. Unlike any other falls that I have been, aside from the fact that this is the farthest being in Mindanao, it is the most enjoyable one. Maybe because its so special for me due to it’s location and the adventure that I was having in the island so far. The place is not so fancy, and I guess and in my personal opinion, it is not well maintained. It looks like they let the nature do the job, everything looks like falling apart. Probably because of lack finances and support from the involved institutions from the government. Nevertheless,the water is still flowing and fun is free flowing.To get there is to walk down the concrete staircase, and take note that it was steep just like what I had encountered at Maxima. It’s actually difficult for elderly and small kids and adults who carry kids. 



The dipping experience was wonderful since the water is so cold, there was a place where you can just sit and let it waterfalls massage your back. I personally don’t like waterfalls, hahaha!!! Why you may ask, well because I’m just thinking a lot about the source of the water, the contaminants from the source, or even during the flow. Other that that, some creatures might fall together like snakes and alike. I mean for me, there are more secured and safer place to dip. But then again, its the experience that I’m after in this situation. 

sit and relax

The falls is not as strong as any other falls like Pagsanjan and Dilitiwan Falls. It was so relax and smooth.At least there was a good flow of water in the shower. The fun part: going up the same stairscase, I have to stop on every level because it was really tiring.

This ends my Samal Island adventure: fun, amazing and awesome! And so I think that it’s worth coming back, I missed the suman that we bought along the road. It’s sweet and filling. 

Trice the fun, trice the adventure and trice awesome! 

PS. there was other POI in the island that we skipped due to some reasons. Like the Bat cave and the ATV, I will see and experience these probaly next time.