For the longest time, I have been dreaming of driving a car. Even not my own but still prefer my own car. 

My kind of car: a luxurious S-class probaly the new Mercedez Benz S600 Maybach without the wine fridge so as to free up some space on the trunk. The silver shining mags, black or white in color and must have a sun-roof. 

Any other comparison with this model will do, any brand will be acceptable be it BMW, Lexus or Cadillac. 

Well obviously, it was just my prefered car but then, it was expensive, maintenance is expensive, insurance and gas is expensive. Only rich of the rich can provide such maintenance to these cars. Powered by a V6 engine can consume so much of it’s fuel but, thanks to new technology! There are some electronic regulators and mechanism to save on fuel without compromising the power and capacity of these kind of cars. 

Practicality wise, for now I cant afford them and I have to settle for something else that is good enough to bring me from point A to B. There comes my 4-door Kia Rio 2014 EX model, graphite black in color, aluminium flat profile mags which I loved, it was their highend trim with Bluetooth, cruise control, power windows, power side mirrors, electronic temperature system, key-less and most of all, it’s AUTOMATIC. The only transmission that I can drive for now. It’s been a long while before I decided to get this one. I have called and emailed tons of car dealership in Manila to Cavite and Laguna. It’s frustrating and tiring and exciting, some are helpful and some are just arrogant. Quite an experience, pretty sure some have experienced it too. I have ask my friends and colleagues about buying one and they are such a help to me. 

first long trip. location: Vigan from Cagayan Valley

I don’t have any driving experience as I have posted on my previous blog, but automatic transmission is the car for me. Some told me to buy a second hand first to used as a practice ground for a brand new one. But other than I’m not a driver, I totally have no knowledge about cars in terms of it’s function, it’s structures and it’s system. 

So as a new car user, I have decided to buy a brand new one so that I wouldn’t face any abnormalities compared to 2nd hand. Few factors in choosing my car was my garage, well I literally don’t have a garage, if in case I will have a car, it’ll just be sitting outside my house or in front of other’s house because, my house can’t cater  parking because of it’s location in our subdivision. Another factor is the price of course, I have set a budget for the downpayment and the monthly mortgage so I wouldn’t lack on other expenses. The color is as important also, they don’t have red and it will come in 6 months if I order it, but I can’t wait any longer.

The Decision:

Sat on a Ford Titanium, Accent, Swift and bunch of them but one stands out… Kia Rio. It was in Bacoor where we tried to sit on it and yeah!!! It feels good!!! Just enough for my butt to relax. But then, I still continue to find a suitable one, Spin, Innova, Avanza. But in late Feb 2014 after trying and looking around, the final decision is here. We went to Kia Sta Rosa City to finally take the Rio there but unfortunately they don’t have a stock in the showroom. So what we did was, asked if they could take the one from Bacoor then it will be better, so they did. Since I’m staying in Laguna so might as well transact in Laguna. Service will be nearer and reacheable by a local call. And in early March after papers and payment was done, the car is ready for collection. 

Since then, we have struggled on its parking because we are staying in a place where streets are narrow and only on one side you can be able to park. 

definitely a gift from God
But thank God because he has provided the best garage. We are able to acquire a lot for parking and more. 
forever Bulacan

Now and everytime, I am excited to see this blessing to us. It’s a dream come true and a true testimony of faith and trust to Him.