Travelling is like wearing your best suit. Exciting and being at your best in any of your destinations. Expecting only the best and the joy it will bring into your life.

Travelling is like the other side of the mountain. We often wonder how it looks like and how they live on the other part of the world, going to places will embark you to new knowledge and open your minds and hearts. 

Travelling is like treasure. Places are treasures in itself. Peoples and it’s cultures are treasure that deserves to be seen and shared. 

Travelling is like your food. Craving for something are deserved to be satisfied. 

Travelling is your eyes and other senses. Discovering new things is life and breath, new air and amazing things to feel and hear. 

Travelling is a new found friend. We exposed ourselves to new rooms, houses, hotels, toilets, parks, caves, beach, museums and most of all new people that comes along the way. 

Travelling is reality. It’s getting to know how does others community are living and showcasing their life to the world. 

Travelling is life. As much as we want, the happines it brings is the happiness to live.