Ever wonder how hotels looks like backdoor? 

I have been working part time just to be productive during my off days. And so far, for few months I find it fascinating. 

It was a five hotel located in the Central Business District of Singapore. It has three views to offer to its guests: harbour view, marina view, and city view. Variety of restaurants from Japanese to Chinese to mixed of western, mediterranean and soriental cuisines. 

As prestige as it looks like or should I say the guests grand and prestige impression of the hotel, there was a so-called orchestrated and symphonic activities backdoor. Staff makes sure that the food are served on time, looks good and taste good! The furnishings are well prepared based on the guests requirements and needs. Timing is very crucial, the guests satisfaction should be maintained to keep the reputation and stand of the hotel last long. 

In the morning as the start of the shift goes, staff are getting ready, having a free served breakfast, changing uniforms and opening the hotels amenities. Some has to find their night shift colleagues for any endorsements and informations. 

Guests comes and goes doing jogging around the bay, or getting ready for meetings. They will have breakfast on one of the restaurants serving then buffet breakfast. Some get to the gym or swim for a while. They requests somethings from the concierge about their incoming parcels, asking to send things to rooms or book for room service. 

More things are being prepared along the way during the day. In the banquet lunch or dinner, the kitchen is like a mess but in a good and hurry way. They still makes sure that all the ingredients are all available to present it with good taste. For me, I still prefer the taste than the presentation on the table. But here, they have to do both because guest satisfaction is the number one priority. 

Everything is all about having the guest feel special, or extra special I may say. Everything is especially made for the hotel and for the guest. Every furnitures, every towels and all the amenities. Keeping all thing clean is happening below the basement. Laundry, kitchen, flourishing and all about preparations. 

Working in a hotel is actually an interesting job and I think that I’m gonna keep it. 

Peace! Happy Sunday….