Swimming under the rain with thunder and lightning is prohibited. So we have waited until it stops to be safe. 

My housemates, their friends and me went to have fun in swimming which end up like an outing already because of so much planning and anticipation. Food, drinks and other things has been setup to make this happenings more fun and more enjoyable. It was 3rd week of May when @summerloves asks me about swimming under water. Because she only knows how to float and she wants to learn. And then from there the planning started. She has set the date June 11 because ita her off day and everyone in the house. Unfortunately for me, during that time I was scheduled to work to cover up for my colleague who will be on leave. And then someone requested to cover instead of me because he wants to work that day. So then I was able to say I would join them about a week after the planning. 

And then we arranged the distribution of who’s who for this and that (food). I have been assigned to contribute for the seafood (fish, clam shell and prawn). The second group was for marinated pork (a delicious one) and the third group (which is the one who’s staying in the condo) was rice location and sweets. Then it’s complete! 

It’s very important that in every thing you’ll do, your group must communicate. We created a group chat via Whatsapp and from here we are able to talk even we don’t see each other. The power of technology!

the pool
two of my housemates

And them the day before the event, everyone is so much excited. Some started the marinading of the pork for bbq and sauce for the spagetti. But I personally like the pansit bihon gisado since it has been my new favourite after spaghetti. Some bought the fresh seafood and fruits. 

When planning for a trip, 

  • Confirm the location first.
  • Confirm the people to join.
  • Assign each an assignment.
  • Collect money before hand and no refund.
  • Make sure you bring all the thing that you prepare.

As we start to make a fire for the bbq, something has happened, we left the marinated pork at home. 😱😱😱 , when everyone was concerned about bringing it, everyone has forgotten it. The hassle begin because pork is the long one to grill, everything has been grilled (prawn, fish and clams) already and we’re still waiting for the pork. My housemate had a hard time to get a cab. Another thing is that we found out that the bihon was becoming spoiled since it was cooked in the morning, it’s texture was not that presentable, what a waste we wasn’t able to eat it. Nonetheless, even its already dark, we enjoy the rest of the time we are there, its so much fun and full of laughter. We used our phone flashlight to give us brightness. 

I think I ate a lot causing me to become blotted for few days. I have to eat less during the succeeding days. We still have brought some food back home for some feast in the morning of the following day.

Great time with you guys!