What I loved about rainy season is the coolness it brings specially if you don’t have air conditioning at home and you wanna chill and relax on your bed or any place in the house. 

Philippines has two season: sunny and rainy. Thoush we felt the tail of winter season of Serbia to China (something like that) during January and February. The last time I felt this was 2015 January during my trip to Cagayan, catch it on my blog about my norther Philippines trip. But other than that, it’s still sunny and rainy. And mind you, it’s really sunny when it comes and rainy when it comes. So beware and take a good care and be warn of the impact of these two seasons. 

During my yourger days in Laguna, it’s like a compulsary to have a shower in the rain. Kids with different ages are running and playing in the rain. And it’s happy and full of fun when the rain get’s harder and heavier and sad if it’s getting little. What’s the best game to do during this time is swiming in some flooded areas. I didn’t know the effect of doin it in our health but all I know during that time was we all enjoyed the season. And thank God I’m well. Hahaha….

Time fly fast and I’m still taking advantage of the rain to get wet and feel the coldness of it’s crystal drops. Now that I’m grown up, I still enjoy it though the last time was I think 2014 or early 2015. It makes me feel child-like and and it reminiscent of my younger age. 

When i went to Kuala Lumpur, I have seen the shortest yet the stronges and heaviest rain, it took I think 10-20mins and then it totally stop as if nothing happened. Right there, it’s not allowed to bathe in the rain because with it are strong, loud and scary thunder, same as in Singapore. These two countries has a shortest rain encounters,  and with thunder, there was actually an explanation about it it’s just that I have forgotten it. But there was a time in Singapore where I really wanna go home and upon reaching the bus stop, the rain suddenly drop. I decided to walk along and got wet, I feared thunder but I think I had fun. 

One thing I like about the rain is when I’m travelling, and then I’m sitting on the first row of the bus going to Subic when my mom bring me along for a short visit there. I like it when the wiper clears away the water off the windshield. It was like rushing in a place full of fog and with a swing of a hand, you’ll clear away the path. The rain also fills the well of my father in his small farm in the mountain, he doesn’t need to fetch water from the river which is quite far. The rain makes the soil healthy and easy to dig because it turns soft. 

In some places, they catch rainwaters to use for publick toilets, in schools to used for watering the plants and others used for drinking, but I think they probably filter it first. 

The rain is like a song, many to count but but everything means a lot to everyone.