In commemoration of Singapore’s 51st Anniversary (National Day) I want to write a part by part blog about my opinions and stories that I want to share with you. I wish you can find some information and learn cool things about this country!

If you are a nature lover, looking for a clean environment, vibrant and progressive place to stay for a vacation or work for a short or long span of time, Singapore is the best place to be. A country about the size bigger or smaller than Davao and Manila. It is composed of more than 5 million people, multiracial with majority of Chinese, Muslim and Indians where there is harmony, peace and understanding. Singapore is located in the southeast side of Asian peninsula, southern tip of mainland Malaysia separated with a Causeway connecting Johor state. 

Singapore River
Bustling location of fun and entertainment

Singapore has the best mass transport system on this side of the region and they still continue to provide more routes from above and below. Roads are also well maintained so commuters and private car owners can be safe on the road. Water quality is on it’s top, modern filtration and even sells it to its neighboring country. They gives the best convinience to its polulation with escalators and lifts on most overpass, mrt stations, bus stations and all its district centrals like malls and CBD. 

Voted as the Best Airport and Airline

Government have worked very hard since it’s conception of being a country after she was rejected as one of the federal states of Malaysia. All along, I thought that Singapore is the one who fight to be out of Malaysia but then through reading historic books and watching clips I was surprised that a bigger country would ignore additional area for economic purposes. But I think everything happens for a reason and with the result I myself is seing now, it’s amazing. God has blessed this place. 

I wanna share with you first how I got here:

It was the year 2007 when my good friend Rina  encouraged me to come over and try my luck in working and living here. Though I’ve seen Singapore in 2004 for a day tour with my friends from KL. It never came to my mind to come back either visit or stay once more. I have not explore and seen how good it was. Having been in Orchard Lucky Plaza was such a disappointment to me not because there are a lot of Filipinos there but the crowd. It gave me a headache to walk around and find a seat for lunch in a small food court downstairs. I never regret though because for me it was an experience and joy to be in other country. It was an awe to see a long train (MRT) compared to KL, I was amazed how building are standing with thin pillars as it was hallow for lobby. 

It never came to my mind that even someday I would be an OFW, I mean, I’m satisfied with my life in the Philippines. I love to see my family all day all night (depends on my shift), ride to my hometown and see my friends and neighborhood. Even working for a few months in KL was not a consideration in my mind that I am an OFW because I’m still under my company in Laguna. 

Singapore has been my home for the longest time after my hometown, Sta Rosa Laguna. I will be sharing on the next part how I felt at home and settled here!