At first, I thought that my personality won’t suit this place because of the culture and the belief that I have as a Filipino. Ehem… ehem… there’s somehow a culture shock for me. Having said that, the fact of the matter is that Singapore is more open in most things if we think about it. And for me, that’s its amazing. 

sheltered walkway

There’s so much to know and learn but as times goes on, you’ll tend to adopt and be cautious of their policies and all. My first interview was such a difficult time, I barely understand the words because of their distinct accent and sentence composition. But now, it’s as clear to me now as a normal english or singlish.

The food!

For many, Filipino food are unique and awesome, yes! But food here are also good and tastier as much. They used so much of herbs and spices and you’ll literally sweat eating tomyam (originally a Thai food), laksa and some homemade noodles. However, you can ask aunti or uncle to put a little or no chilli in your food but for me, it would taste blunt. I supposed, most of the food here are chilli applicable. And when you say spicy, its really spicy. I remember one of my malay friend when we ate on one of the fast food chain here ordered a spicy chicken and for me its already very hot but for him, he would dip it a chilli saucefor further spice. 🌶🌶🌶

There are variety of food to choose from, local and international but my all time favorite was the green curry chicken, so yummy and so filling. In my opition, the mother of all meal here is chicken rice. It’s an all time favorite of more or less all the people here. Que are lining up for an eat here and take away. Choose from steam, roasted and friend chicken/duck/pork with sliced of cucumber and spiced steam rice with a special chilli to complete the taste. 

Singapore has blends of food to choose from, be it Chinese or Malaysian or Indian food. Let the taste suits you, for a Filipino tourist will never missed our cuisine. It’s scattered around the country, but most of all, you can find them at the heart and center of Orchard Rd: Lucky Plaza- one of the longest operating shopping center in Singapore. This is also the center of the meeting place of Filipinos to send money, buy stuff, meet friends or make friends during Saturdays and Sundays. You’ll feel like you’re in Tutuban or Metropolis or Glorietta. 

Few years back, Philippines famous fast food chain opens its store on the 6th floor of LP – Jollibee. For many months, the waiting time for order is like uhmmm… forever! Then it just subsides when everyone has tried all the meals (I guess). As for me, it took more than 4 months before went there on a weekday. Currently its has 4 shops to choose from, good to see that even locals and other foreigners are sighted eating here as well. 

For everyone of us, we look forward for our food to eat in any place we go. In Singapore, you won’t get out of food trip. A lot of choices and prices also varies. Expensive food doesn’t mean it’s good.