If given a chance, I’ll still choose to travel within the Philippines. Here are the reasons why:

  • I think that my country has a lot of beautiful and is most diverse in terms of destinations. Beaches, forest and people are the best in the world. 
Lake Caliraya, boat riding
  • I wanted to support the local tourism here, as the saying goes ” who’ll love โค๏ธ your own but you”. I want to show how much I like these places so other people specially foreigners will like it too. 
  • It’s worth a peso to be in many destinations. A budget will be ok for so much fun and there’s a lot to spare.
  • There’s no problem with communication because we speak the same language. Different dialects but same race so there’s no problem to converse. Other than that, it’s also easy to communicate with relatives and friends, same country same networks (you know what I mean๐Ÿ˜€).

The least are:

  • Safer to be in your own comfort zone. 
  • Easier to adopt. 
  • The food.

Driving around is awesome here too, sight seing is wonderful. Everytime I go out of town, the experience is always good, as long as you have the a good itenerary.