Tiny island nation but with big impact to the world: It’s Singapore 🇸🇬. 

overpass at Punggol Central
LRT Track at Fernvale Station

If you come here for a visit, work or stay, you will be amazed how it has made it’s country ahead of it’s time. I think that it’s leader is a visionary himself to see what lies ahead of the future of it’s country. Some qualities that I like the most about Singapore is keeping the surrounding clean and most of all green. In spite of the progress, developement and modernisation you will see that they preserved naturally or artificially the breeze of keeping the balance environment. You will not run out of parks to visit here, and mind you, they still preserved forests and swamps. They have made it accessible to people who loves to relax and be energized by nature.  Grass are also grown below flats, ornaments and playgrounds in all areas to build a sense of community and fun.

covered walkway in Punggol area
Punggol Central

Cleanliness is the also a priority here, I don’t know but it seems that locals mind are set to to throw their trash only in the bins unlike the people of the country I know of very well. These people throw garbage just outside when they ate in the cars or commuting public vehicles like jeepney and buses, on the roads big or small. Absurd but that looks so normal these people. I think it takes a love and respect to country and environment to change it. One thing i really appreciate is knowing what is wrong and right: common sense, construction trucks like dump truck and mixer must clean their muddy wheels before exiting their sites keeping the roads free from obstructions and or cause of accidents. Sweeping cars are regularly functioning, watering toad islands plants to keep them fresh and well groomed. Building facade are cleaned on a frequency. Awesome! 

inside SBS Transit

Convinience is just amazing too. Lifts and escalators on most overpass and MRT stations. Airports are constructed in such a way the passengers will feel awe and relax. Online payments, kiosk are also easy. Hawkers centers are also equipped with reloadable cards for easy and discounted purchases. All high tech and current tech are also easily available. Taxi’s and buses are all around with reliable MRT and LRT to bring you from point A to B and vice versa, communications are out of this world with one of the fastest internet connection in Asia. Singapore has shown how these conviniences must be felt by all the people living here foreign ore locals. They have the will and eagerness to expand and level it’s stance with the world standard. 

MRT Station in Sengkang

Healthy people is a healthy nation: campaign against deceases, Singapore has been working all the way for a healthy nation. In TV ads or prints people won’t get enough on how to deal with preventing deceases. They also offer intensive assistance to the needy. 

There might have plenty more and I might have missed a lot, but more than these, Singapore has been my home for as long as I can remember and it gave me a chance to live in a place where I’m dreaming of. However, like any other countries, it’s not perfect but as much as possible we can see how the government is working on certain imperfections. This National Day, may God bless you more to bless people like me.