If you are in Singapore, you can travel to it’s neighboring country Malaysia to it’s Johor Bahru City through its causeway connecting these two countries.  I want to share with you some of the points on how to visit Johor and explore it’s city. 

hop the bus to Woodlands Interchange

Well, Johor is one of the federal states of the nation Malaysia 🇲🇾 located in the southern part of the Malaysian mainland, it’s actually between the mainland and Sarawak. It  is currently know for its new thempark: Legoland to somehow compete with Singapore’s Universal Studios and the upcoming Genting Higlands 20th Century Fox being built now replacing the old theme park. I have never been to the three except for the Gentings old thempark which was closed for its new development. The city is also predominantly known for it’s ongoing development of new luxury condo’s, malls and business district for locals and foreigners who wants to live or invest. 

taking bus 950 after Singapore Immigration Checkpoint

To get to Johor, one might take the bus from Woodlands Interchange: bus 950 and it will bring you to Larkin, it’s the main bus terminal in Johor. Buses here can bring you to KL and many other places in the southeast or southwest of the state. But other than bus 950, few more MRT station is Kranji, you can also take 950 there because it pass by on the opposite side of the station. Take bus 170 or 160 just down along the MRT station side. These 2 buses came from Bugis area from the south side and it take a long way to get to Woodlands which is in the north. So I suggest that you take the MRT for a faster ride to Woodlands area. 

line to bus 950
Aeon Mall in Bukit Indah
CW3 bus station to Singapore

However, other than Causeway, there’s the Second Link or Tuas exit. Its located in Jurong area in the west side. You can alight at Jurong East MRT station and take CW buses commonly in yellow colors. It can bring you to Bukit Indah and any of the city center of Johor too. Here’s the trick: you pay buses of the currency where you are originating of and Singapore dollar is double the exchange rate of Malaysia Ringgit so in other words, you saved on going back or coming to Singapore. Well that’s how I see it… 😜
expressway to Johor Tuas Exit with Legoland marker

In anyways, make sure that you have all your travel documents with you specially passport. Entering Malaysia or Singapore is a visa upon entry usually 15 or 30 days (for ASEAN members) depends on your reason of visit. Here’s another trick: buses that goes to Johor Bahru Immigrantion must alight and have your passport chopped with visa. Then walk stright to continue with your trip to Larkin bus station or, turn left to get to the city center to take KTM train station or stroll in City Square Mall. Some didn’t realized that Larkin is the main bus terminal for passagers traveling further to north like KL or Genting. It will save you time because walking to the left is quite far. Just keep your tickets and show to the bus marshals for your continuous journey. 
Malaysian Immigration Checkpoint in Tuas

Be mindful of the time when traveling, you might be stuck in a long line to immigration officers in Singapore or Malaysia and vice versa. My longest waiting time entering Singapore was 3 hours. Sometime it depends on security policies or just the volume of people. 
Note that no taking pictures inside and with in Checkpoints premises, no eating and no loud sounds is allowed. Check you passport every time before you leave the Immigration counter to validate your visa. 

I wish you enjoy your trip.