I’m so glad that now, we see balance in protecting our environment and alleviating the life of the people around. 

DENR is really showing how it is done, they are working hard for the protection of the livelihood of the people and the source of living which is the forest, rivers and farmlands. The Secretary of this department of government is showing what should have been done 30 years ago. I was listening to her speeches and read articles about her advocacy since La Mesa Watershed. It was made to be an ecotourism venue for family and personal activities. It has been protected from harm of mining and building of houses and rural developments. 

I believed on her advocacy, and I was thinking that if I’m in her position, I would do the same. I totally believed that there’s more than to degrade the environment to earn money. Earning money is good if everyone is in the best position by not putting some people in danger. Water is life and if it to be the dumping site of mine debris, how can it sustain it’s own life? It will definitely die and harm the people living in the surrounding vicinities jeopardising their health.  One thing I can’t understand is how this things happened? How can the government allows the open pit mining without any hesitation of dumping dangerous minerals to rivers or lakes or even if they don’t, there’s no way to keep them from endangering the environment still, as per reports, there are no precautionary measures to depend the environment, like what happend to Semirara, when the rain comes, their reservoir overflows and drains to the oceans. How can they not see this and stop this before devastation and wrecking happens. Obviously, the current secretary has been working her as* off and checking if the rules in mining where followed, and it is found out that most of them are just not bothering the safe keeping of our forests. These mining company didn’t even care to plant a tree and worst thing is, they expand their premises without showing any concern. Absurd it may seems but looking on aerial view of their devastation I would call it, it’s really sad. 

There has been news of corruption which I believed to be true. If an official is as patriotic as the Secretary, things hasn’t become worse. To allow mining with out concent is allowing the suffering of the environment and the people. The case should be, the mining flourish and the people are happy and progressing. But what’s happenig is, they get poorer and poorer because their source of income is dying. 

Truly change has come! And this change should have been the matter since the begining. Change from the worst to better and best for all the Filipinos. I’m glad that in this life time we have a leader to protect our nature resource, our lives and our liberty from greedy businessmen who only wants to earn but not to yearn for the good of all.