My first IKEA experience was in Damansara in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2004. I was so amazed how they come up with the this theme of shop. I couldn’t really comprehend in a way that I knew only common household furnishings and finishings shops, but this one is extraordinary. 

exclusive design only at IKEA
Same with the KL shop, Singapore IKEA is no different with the layout, the entrance will bring you straight to their showroom. There you will find yourself in a maze like trail and all the section of items and rooms are present, from bedrooms to kitchen to living to terrace to office to gardening and the choices are endless. I think they make it that way so that you won’t feel away from your home IKEA shop. You’ll not get confused and lost. 

self-service racks @ IKEA

Their cafe corner will fill you with delectable meal. After looking around and walking at the showroom you’ll have time to enjoy their famous meatballs. I think that it’s what’s more known of this shops, my housemate comes here to buy meatballs. I find it tasty and appetising, the gravy is as amazing. Its nice and most if all, affordable! Drink are just from 0.50cents only. 

meatballs @ IKEA

IKEA is a Swedish company, and they keep manufacturing items in bulk so they can sold it less cheaper than any other office and house furnishing shops. 

I hope you enjoy your IKEA walk around and shopping!