The recent terrorism in the form of bombing attack in Davao City was such an awful event in the Philippines now. Innocent people died without concent in a way of fight or arguments, showing how coward these perpetrators are. My heart is broken by this acts, when the government is eager, now the enemy is moving as well. But I’m pretty sure, these cowardice is nothing compare to the bravery of the people in authority and the people who loves and fights for peace!  

Davao was a target of violence because of it’s safety standards that terrorist are willing to destroy, though it’s not the first time, the previous was as more bad than this, it made headlines here and abroad, but until there is authority it will be dealt with. According to history and stories told, before becoming as progressive and developed the city, there’s more chaos and danger in the streets of the city which is very far from what it is today. And like before, these chaos and dangers had to be condemned, terrorism shouldn’t have a place for people who wants peace. We condemn terrorism but is it enough? 

Some people seemed to be not joining the united front to condemn these terrors, some people are even making accusations and insensitive pronouncements instead. However, I would not entertain their comments posted and ridiculous ideas about the evens but the sentiments and the grief of the victims and their families and the frustrations of the government on the fight against unlawfulness. Yes! You already have a limited mind and no common sense but you can use your heart and grieve, just a little will do, be sensitive to the hurt and pray for peace. 

There’s a greater task now for the government and it’s people to face and fight this terrorism which has been on for the longest time. These heartless people has nothing to do but to harm, and destroy other peoples’ lives.

What can I do now? What help can I offer? 


That’s what I can offer, not a material or physical thing but a big support for the government’s drive to fight these lawless groups. A prayer will do a lot, faith, believe and trusting to what capabilities they might have. Not because it is Duterte as the current president which I supported since the start, but in this kind of situation, whoever is seated, will I support! What’s the difference between those who don’t want to give their support and the terrorists? Nothing! 

Life is a gift from God and we must value it, and for the killer of life, let my government deal with you! 

May the God from heaven be God forever!