A community that can move freely with no or little hassle is a community that will surely succeed in their endeavour. 

Manila’s traffic was such a sore both in the eye of many if not all Filipinos and people from abroad. Once tagged as the worst traffic in the world is enough to do something about. Even wothout that tag from survey, same action must be done. I guess that Manila’s traffic is an example of one of the many cities with the same issue. Let me tell you about my experience in traffic just in EDSA: I had my friend come over to visit Manila for shopping and sight seing, they’re a Malaysian couple and expecting to have a great time. They do but on our way to Greenhills, we’re stuck for 3 hours coming from Makati city which usually takes only about 15-20mins drive. It was awful and it was terrible, we arrived hungry and tired. But luckily, these friends of mine are just game for an adventure. 

Since then, everytime I had to go to the north, I tend to turn to C5 road. It was so traumatic to drive in EDSA except maybe 3-4am where it is almost (almost!) clear from vehicles though nowadays for some reasons, it’s still quite crowded. Other streets, avenues and boulevards inside the cities are not exempted from traffic jam. Mostly, they are the ones without controls and most tangled jam occurs here every now and then. I don’t know how the authorities feels about it or, they don’t have the feeling towards this because everytime they pass through, they becomes winds that blows away the commuting public giving smooth journey for them. 

Metro Manila is composed of cities and a town, and each cities has its own strategy on traffic management which most of the time causing more disruption and more hassle and confusions. I think that the reason is because of their lack of knowledge in traffic management. Owning a responsibility that are not really learned properly at the right forum. In a crowded cities like NCR, or any other metro’s in the Philippines like Davao or Cebu, movement of people and goods are essential to the growth and happiness of the people. 

Now the government is asking for a single authority for the traffic in the Philippines. They have submitted their list of projects mainly, according to Sen. Grace is in Metro Manila only. As stipulated in the senate hearing, the Department of Transport has requested included all the transportation hubs in the Philippines specially the busy cities under their lead. 

I just wish that once and for all, it would be lighten if not resolved. We have been suffering a lot and wasting time just to spend instead more time with the family but on the road. I have experienced it myself, waking up early just to beat the traffic instead of doing something productive at home. 

I know it won’t take a short period of time, but the right planning, leadership and changes, we can all experience the best of the progress we have.